ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ʮ ½M~RW16С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1. It was hard to say why the man deserved such shabby treatment. A) unforgettable B) unbelievable C) unfair D) un... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ʮ ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1. They have been living under the most appalling conditions for two years. A) dreadful B) bad C) unpleasant D) po... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ʮһ ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1. So far no one has been able to account for the cause of the accident. A) assess B) explain C) describe D) inves... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ʮ ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1.Most chemical reactions of an organic compound involve only a few of its numerous and bonds; the remainder stay un... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1.Although originally a German innovation, kindergarten got its real start in the United States as a movement to pro... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1.Philip Roth was hailed as a major author in 1960. A)published B)challenged C)acclaimed D)guided 2.He was one of th... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1.Loud noises can be annoying. A)hateful B)painful C)horrifying D)irritating 2.Human facial expressions differ from... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1.The old concerns lose importance and some of them vanish altogether. A)develop B)disappear C)linger D)renew 2.In t... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1.All living organisms, regardless of their unique identity, have certain biological, chemical, and physical charact... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1. Many fine cooks insist on ingredients of the highest quality. A)demand B)rely on C)prepare for D)create 2. Since... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1. Even in a highly modernized country, manual work is still needed. A)expressive B)physical C)exaggerated D)dubious... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 ~RW ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~ZՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1. Americas emphasis on the importance of education for everyone has spurred scientific research. A)encouraged B)end... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 һ ~Rx ~RW һ ÿM~RW15С}ÿ}ľﶼһӵ׾~Z ՈĂxҳcӵ׾~Zxһ 1. We should not complain about taxes. A)feel unhappy B)say bad things C)care D)praise 2. What we... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 1.Y~B~~ȣ 1) fM and  either ...or ߻ neithernor ȲҲ besides ߅ in addition still then Ǖr also Ҳ such as һ in other words QԒf as well Ҳ likewise Ҳ this means... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 wagon n.݆R܇؛܇С܇ waist n. wallet n.X warden n.TѲҕT wardrobe n.™(F)ȫb warehouse n.}췿 warrant n.{C vt.C warranty n.C wary a.֔CСĵ... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 vacant a.յ(šλ)ȱãȻ vacuum n.m vt.m vague a.ģ_fԒ variable a.׃׃ n.׃ veil n.漆 verbal a.^~Z~~ versus prep.(VAِ) vic... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 unaware a.]аlX֪ unbearable a.̵ܲ˵ unbelievable a.ŵoŵ unconscious a.ʧȥ֪Xo֪ uncover vt._w_İbʹ¶ undergraduate n.W underneath prep. unfit a.... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 tighten n.(ʹ)׃o(ʹ)o tightly ad.ooԹ̵ι̵ tile n.Ƭɴu vt.Nu tiresome a.˅ӑ toast n.ף(o); toddler n.WС tolerance n.() tolerate vt.ˡ tortoise n.... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 tablet n.ˎƬСK tag n.˺ tariff n.PrĿ tech n.gƌWУ technician n.gT telecommunication n.ͨӍ telescope n.hR telex n.늂 temptation n.TT֮T tender a.۵ܛ... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-11-01 supervise v.OOҕָ supplement vt.a n.a֮a supportive a.ֵ֧ surf n.˻ vi._ surge n.ӿ vi.ӿӿ surpass vt.^Խ^ surplus n.a.ӯ()^ʣ a.^ʣ surrender vi.Ͷ vt.... xȫ>>

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