高考英語最后沖刺 易錯詞組背誦
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高考英語最后沖刺 易錯詞組背誦

1. in turn一個接一個地      

in return      作為回報 I tried to do a good deed, but this is what I got in return,

  by turns=one after the other  

take turn to do sth.輪流做某事

  turn secretary=become a secretary  

  turn to sb ( for help )               turn up=appear   

turn out=prove to be / produce

  turn down 拒絕=refuse;音量調低 ;向下翻;

2. If she spent five years in Paris, how come she can't speak a word of French?


  come across 越過某處;被理解;偶然發現, 偶然遇到

  come into beingexistence 出現,開始形成,建立 

come into useservice 開始使用 (無被動)

come out 出來; 出發;出版;名列;(總數等)達到(+ at/to

come to light 泄露(真相);被發現

cf. Your statement does not throw light on the subject.  并沒有說明問題

  come true實現,變成現實 My dream has come true. 我的一個夢想實現了。

Cf. realize one’s dream           reach one’s goal     turn sth into reality

come up 升起;走進;種子生長發育; 被提出   

come up with an idea(突然)想出辦法

3. go all out to do sth 全力以赴去做某事 =try one best to=do what / all one can to

go beyond 超出;超出的能力  go beyond ones ability / imagination / control

go in for參與,參與(競賽等);從事(某項工作);愛好,酷愛

go out ()熄滅,過時了

cf. put out the fire(滅火)   put off 推遲, 延期( put off the meeting );

put down the rebellion(鎮壓)

go with 相配     (同義詞match / go along with

4. keep in touch with保持聯系(指狀態)   

get in touch with (指動作)

keep up your courage保持勇氣,別泄氣

keep up with 跟上       catch up with 趕上

5. look down upon/ on sb 輕視某人;鄙視某人/某物

  look on /upon sb./sth. as ...看作.(近義詞組:regardas; treatas; consideras/to be)

  look over 審閱;粗略地看;翻閱    

look up a word in a dictionary查閱

look through 透過看(尤指空隙或透明物體等);(從頭到尾)初略地翻閱

  look up to sb 尊敬某人

look sb. in the eye 盯著

6. make oneself at home(如同在家一般)隨便些,不必客氣

  make arrangements for為…做安排

  make a been line for取捷徑前往

make room for讓出地方,騰出空間

  make the best of 充分利用 ,盡量利用

make the most of盡量利用,善于利用

make up for lost time/ground加緊努力補回失去或落后的時間

  make oneself heard / understood使自己被別人聽到/聽懂理解

  make good /no sense有意義/沒意義

make tea/coffee 泡茶/咖啡 

make for有助于,使成為 Cultural exchanges make for mutual understanding.

7. put away 放好;收起來;把…放在原位;儲藏 放棄

put aside放在一邊;拋棄;暫時不做;留出(時間),省出()

  put sth. in order(使)整齊

  put on weight增加體重(lose weight減肥,減少體重)

  put on your clothes穿衣               take off your clothes脫衣

put an end/stop to制止,使停止,結束

cf. come to an end(某事)結束          end up with failure以失敗而告終

  put up with和某人住在一起;忍受,忍耐=bear / stand

  put through 做成,完成;接通電話 使通過考試;使經歷(難受的事)

8. take sb. by surprise (出人意料地)攻占;撞見

  take A for B A誤認為是B

  take sb./sth. for granted認為…是必然情況,視為當然

  take sth. into account/consideration加以考慮;予以重視

take advantage of  利用;占…的便宜 

take the opportunity of抓住機會;利用(機會)

  take charge of開始負…的責;看管;控制

  take it easy=Don’t be nervous                  

take your time 從容   Take your time. There is still half an hour left.

  take the place of代替   cf.  stand for代表

  take on a new look 呈現新面貌       take off脫下,起飛

take on sb 雇用 =employ sb=hire sb

  take in fresh air=absorb

  take up 占據(時間,地方);從事于  take up space / much time  take up a city攻占城市

  take up arms (against)拿起武器反對…,武裝起來與…作對

  take over接管,接替

9. turn down 拒絕;音量調低 ;向下翻;

turn out制造出,生產出,培養出;結局是,結果是;原來是

  It turns out that知道是…,結果證明是

It is one's turn to do sth 輪到某人做某事

  turn over a new leaf重新生活,改過自新

turn in sth to sb 上交

10. not a little=much   not a bit=not at all=not in the least

---Are you hungry?

---Not a little. I could eat a horse.

11. break away fromthe Union )脫離(聯邦)               

get rid of bad habit 去掉         do away with廢除

12. drop in at a place               drop in on ab      順便拜訪

13. due to=caused by   The accident was due to careless driving.

owing to=because of  Owing to the rain they could come.        

thanks to=as a result of  Thanks to your help we were successful.

14. feel like doing=would like to do…

15. figure out=imagine=work out                    make out 辯認,拼湊

16. have a gift for=be talented at

17. in short簡言之         in a word   一句話

18. knock into sb=happen to meet sb         cf. knock sb down 撞倒

19. let out a cry of surprise= cry out

20. It is no wonder that …

There is no doubt that …

21. on show在展出                 cf. show off one new clothes 炫耀

22. out of order=in a mess / sth goes wrong     in (good) order

23. pick up sb  開車去接        pick out=choose

24. run short of                 run out of=use up

Our supplies have run short(不用被動語態)=We have run short of supplies.

25. run for 競選     call for=need    

send for a doctor=ask sb to go to fetch a doctor

   apply for the position           申請

   run into sb=(suddenly) see sb撞上/碰到

26. set about to do sth=set out to do sth

27. burst out laughing        carry out a plan執行   

The war broke out in late autumn.

His shoes were worn out.       wear out 穿破

28. cut down the price 削減      cut off electricity 切斷

29. call off a meeting=not hold …取消      see sb off at the airport 送行

set off for the first destination

30. break in 打斷/插入       be engaged in      從事

31. reply to sb=answer sb        stick to sth / to doing sth  

see to sb=take care of sb

  take to開始, 喜歡, 沉溺于, 走向, 照料, 求助于, 適應

  take to gardening when one retires              take to drinking

  get down to some solid work認真開始…             object to sth/ doing …反對

32. tear up a letter 撕…                    keep up ones courage保持…       

bring up a child 撫養…                 break up a family     拆散…

stay up late at night=do not go to sleep until very late

33. pass away=die      die away= (sound ) gradually disappear

34. cut through=take a shortcut        see through one’s trick

I couldn’t get through; the line was busy.

35. in charge of負責           in the charge of,意味著在…管理下

36. add up to總計             add to=increase增加/添加

37. all at once=all of a sudden=suddenly

38. give out散發,分發,用完               give away背棄,泄露,贈送

39. keep … safe

   to remain safe : cf: remaining food(剩菜剩飯)=leftover

   to stay safe

40. What do you think of your new job?

How do you like your new job ?

How do you find your new job? 你認為你的新工作怎么樣?


01. —I am sorry to have __ too much of your time.  —That's OK, and I am glad to help you.      

A. taken up      B. taken on     C. taken off        D. taken in

02. My son John asked me to ___ him off at school on my way to work because it was raining.  

A. take      B. drop          C. put     D. cut

03. The young woman walking on the street looked nice, so Vince ___ her a lift.

A. shared     B. took           C. gave                D. put

04. We need to ____ our active vocabulary step by step.

A. grow           B. add          C. develop              D. raise

05. In the past ten years, Government has ____ the price of certain drugs for some 11 times.   

A. dropped         B. reduced        C. lowed    D. decreased

06. Some companies provided special benefits when employees agree to ____ a ride to work.  

A. share        B. take          C. carry             D. get

07. Every day we ____ more than 40 000 passengers to over 100 destinations around the world.  

A. carry       B. fly      C. pick up          D. bring

08. Don't forget to ____ the ice cream on the way home.

A. hold up        B. come up        C. turn up           D. pick up

09. Could you please ____ one of your sandwiches for the hungry boy?

A. save           B. share         C. give           D. spare

10. Children under five are not ____to this primary school except those of extraordinary intelligence. 

A. accepted        B. received      C. admitted        D. permitted

11. Mr. Johnson is a man of good temper, and his good temper never ____ him.

A. fails        B. disappoints      C. controls      D. worries

12. In our school the women teachers ____ 56 percent of the staff.

A. turn up       B. stand for         C. make up          D. send up

13. The mail was ___ for two days because of the heavy snows.

A. held out           B. held up         C. held back          D. held off

14. —How did you find your sister in such a big and strange city?

I____ her in the railway station when I was just going back home.

A. came about       B. came out         C. came up           D. came across

15. After a successful operation, Ronaldo has begun to do some exercise to ____ strength.

A. improve           B. decrease          C. increase           D. raise

16. If you are working even harder, you ____ to be promoted to be a manager soon.

A. promise           B. wish          C. turn out           D. prove

17. I have visited a lot of countries and stayed in many different five-star hotels, but none of them ____ this one.

A. matches    B. beats    C. compares    D. contrast

18. —-How much is your sweater ____?   —$25.

A. cost                B. paid             C. worth             D. worthy

19. Never ____my secret!  

A. give up   B. give in    C. give away    D. give off

20. —Did you enjoy his speech?     —Sure, what he said really ____.

A. makes sense    B. makes a difference      C. makes sure        D. makes it

21. He tried to join the Army but was ____ because of poor health.

A. turned down       B. turned back       C. turned over        D. turned against

22. —Oh, my God, the room is in such a mess.

It must be caused by the cat, I'll ____ all the things _____.

A. put/ out       B. put/ away            C. put/off            D. put/ through

23. The short play put on last night did ____ large audiences.

A. take               B. allow          C. draw      D. admit

24. He ____ to help me with my math, but I refused his help, for I decided to do it on my own.  

A. prepared        B. ready        C. insisted            D. offered

25. The boy's bad behavior ____ his mother lots of sleepless nights.

A. cost               B. took            C. spent              D. paid

26. We need to wear sunglasses to ____ our eyes from the sun.

A. stop            B. prevent            C. save               D. protect

27. Actually, Miss Zhang is not at all serious as she _____.

A. shows          B. performs          C. appears            D. behaves

28. If the children are badly ____ they behave badly.

A. brought in        B. brought up        C. brought about     D. brought back


1—5 ABCDB  6—10 ABDDC   11—15ACBDC   16—20 AACCA




01. My grandfather often told me what he had ___ in the expedition.

A. gone against  B. gone into   C. gone through     D. gone over

02. The company ___ three factories and a coal mine.

Which of the following answer can NOT be filled in the blank?

A. runs     B. operates    C. manages    D. organizes

03. You can't ___ English poetry unless you understand the rhythm.

A. like     B. take     C. appreciate   D. study

04.I don't remember how many strangers my mother ___food with during the Depression days.  

A. offered      B. provided    C. shared    D. gave

05 I called the airline to ___ my flight reservation a week before I left for Canada.

A. expand      B. attach      C. confirm   D. strengthen

06. In order to write a report on stars, we decided to ___ the stars in the sky every night.

A. design       B. seize        C. quote              D. observe

07. Julie wants to buy a ___ computer so that she can carry it around when she travels.

A. memorable        B. portable    C. predictable      D. readable

08. My grandmother likes to surprise people. She never calls ___ to inform us of her visits.  

A. beforehand        B. anyhow    C. originally         D. consequently

09. Many scholars and experts from all over the world will be invited to attend this yearly ___ on drug control.  

A. reference  B. intention       C. conference        D. interaction

10. The week-long rainfall has ___ landslides and flooding in the mountain areas.

A. set about    B. brought about          C. come about               D. put about

11. The ground is slippery. Hold onto the rope and don’t ____.

A. put off       B. turn up     C. let go                D. take apart

12. ____ the weather, the athletic meetings will be held on time.

A. Instead of    B. In relation to     C. On behalf of     D. Regardless of

13. If people keep polluting the rivers, no fish there will survive ___.

A. at all cost    B. for a long while        C. in the long run   D. by no means

14. The gentleman does not ____the argument but watches the other guests.

A. drop in     B. fill in     C. put in     D. join in

15. Do you mind if I ____with my work while you are getting tea ready?

A. carry out                    B. come on       C. carry on                  D. go over

16. Old memories are often ____ when you hear a particular song or a piece of music.

A. called in                     B. called on       C. called out                 D. called up

17. — That’s a lovely dress.

  — Do you think so? My aunt gave it to me for my birthday, but I don’t ____the color.

A. interest in                   B. care for       C. please with                D. fond of

18. The folk song concert was so well ____that all the tickets had been sold out on the first day.   

A. accepted              B. recognized     C. received            D. promised

19. The college is planning to offer more English courses to ____the needs of beginners of English. 

A. meet with    B. meet    C. supply    D. satisfy with

20. Some eighty years ago three-quarters of American production ____family farms or from business employing fewer than six people.  

A. made from     B. kept from  C. got from           D. came from

21. The period ____dance classes increases gradually from two or three hours a day to five or six.  

A. referred to     B. kept to     C. got to     D. given to

22. If you do not feel well, you should not ____going to see the doctor. ?

A. pick out     B. give off     C. put off    D. make out


1—5 CACCC  6—10 DBACB   11—15 CDCDC    16—22  DBCBDDC



01. Teaching a pronunciation class to a mixed group of learners can    a teacher with many challenging problems.  

A. provide   B. produce    C. present    D. offer

02. We want our children to know that hard work   .

A. comes off    B. gives off         C. pays off        D. sees off

03. We can’t wait. We have to     the direction and the distance before we take action.

A. make out             B. figure out           C. think out         D. turn out

04. It   to look after these naughty grandchildren of mine for a whole day.

A. put me down         B. drove me out       C. wore me out  D. pulled me through

05. We’ d better try to    the plan again, I think, before we    with it.

A. go through/ go on      B. go on/ go over 

C. go over/ go through  D. go on/ go through

06. The host stood at the door and    every guest a welcome.

A. nodded     B. dropped off     C. shook     D. moved

07. No one knows when XO was first discovered, or how it    to be such a popular drink.  

A. went      B. came      C. got      D. became

08. We always    we have said.

A. lead to what  B. see to what      C. get to what  D. hold to what

09. The actor was so interesting that he   us laughing all the time when we were chatting.

A. made      B. keep      C. had      D. let

10. All of us still remember the terrible earthquake that   Tangshan twenty years ago.

A. attacked    B. struck    C. knocked    D. exploded

11. As director of the company, I can’ t   three weeks away from work.

A. carry     B. cost     C. afford     D. pay

12. When I entered his room, I found him   an armchair, deep in thought.

A. sitting on    B. sit in    C. seat on    D. seated in

13. The good service at the hotel   the poor food to some degree.

A. made up for        B. saved up for      C. took the place of          D. turn out

14. His strength had almost   when they found him in the desert.

A. given out             B. given in          C. given up           D. given off

15. It takes a long time to   a good fame, but this name is quickly lost but just one crime or piece of bad behavior. A. build up    B. put up    C. turn up    D. set up

16. — I’m   too much weight, doctor?   — I think you ought to go on a diet.

A. putting on                  B. getting on            C. carrying on      D. living on

17. His pale face   a reluctant smile when he heard the news.

A. came on              B. was taken on        C. took on        D. turned into

18. Although the working mother is very busy, she still   a lot of time to children.

A. devotes      B. spends      C. offers      D. provides


1—5 DCBCA  6—10 ABDCB   11—15 CDAAA  16—18 ACA



01. The old woman at the street corner must be lost. She is looking around   for someone to help her.   A. socially        B. accidentally     C. tremendously    D. desperately

02. A variety of preventive measures are now   in order to minimize the potential damage caused by the deadly disease.

A. by birth       B. at will        C. in place     D. on call

03. With over fifty teams competing in the tournament, all the games will be played   .

A. eye to eye    B. head to toe        C. hand to mouth   D. back to back

04.My grandmother takes a walk at six every morning. It is one of her     activities.

A. likely    B. routine       C. extreme     D. urgent

05. The heroic story that he had saved a boy’s life hit the     in the local newspapers.

A. headlines     B. efforts       C. results       D. awards

06. I don't care about the good salary offered by the company. What I need is a(n)    post.

A. creating       B. awarding   C. challenging       D. competing

07. Encouraged by the coach, the basketball players went     to win the game.

A. above all      B. all out      C. at best       D. inside out

08. Thousands of workers will be     if the automobile factory shuts down.

A. turned down              B. put back    C. laid off              D. locked away

09.      how much they pay, I am not interested in this kind of job.

A. In spite of   B. No matter C. No sooner        D. Even though

10. The man     a brave face and accepted the challenge.

A. took out   B. pulled up   C. shut in    D. put on

11. Julie can stay with us     until she finds a place of her own to settle down.

   A. at the same time B. ahead of time    C. for the time being     D. in good time

12. The postal special     service is very efficient. A package sent can be received in a couple of hours.   A. delivery     B. directory        C. discovery         D. dormitory

13.    to what you think, our TV program has been enjoyed by a large audience.

A. Intensive     B. Contrary           C. Fortunate          D. Objective

14. There is a     to one’s capacity; one should not make oneself overtired.

A. relaxation    B. contribution             C. hesitation   D. limitation

15. This story,    , is very fascinating: there are many interesting characters in it.

A. on the whole       B. under no circumstances   C. in no time D. out of the question

16. Most of our classmates are      taking a trip to Kenting National Park.

A. in honor of B. in favor of        C. in search of      D. in place of

17. We haven’t seen John for a long time. As a matter of fact, we have      him.

A. made up for        B. run out of C. come to pass    D. lost track of

18. Recently in Taiwan, the manufacturing industry has      the information industry.

A. found a way of   B. changed the way of C. given way to     D. had a way of

19. His behavior at the party last night seemed rather    . Many of us were quite surprised.

A. out of practice    B. out of place       C. out of politeness       D. out of pity

20. Do you have any      of what life would be like if we lived on other planets?

A. plan            B. idea           C. impression        D. imagination


1—5 DCDBA   6—10 CBCBC    11—15 CABDA    16—20 BDCBB